Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  1. This Privacy policy is subject to the terms of the Site Policy (User agreement) of Aashi Realty. This policy is effective from the date and time a user registers with Aashi Realty by filling up the Registration form and accepting the terms and conditions laid out in the Site Policy.

  2. In order to provide a personalised browsing experience, Aashi Realty may collect personal information from you. Additionally, our website may require you to complete a registration form or seek some information from you. When you let us have your preferences, we will be able to deliver or allow you to access the most relevant information that meets your end.

  3. To extend this personalized experience Aashi Realty may track the IP address of a user's computer and save certain information on your system in the form of cookies. A user has the option of accepting or declining the cookies of this website by changing the settings of your browser.

  4. The personal information provided by the users to Aashi Realty will not be provided to third parties without previous consent of the user concerned. Information of a general nature may however be revealed to external parties.

  5. Every effort will be made to keep the information provided by users in a safe manner, the information will be displayed on the website will be done so only after obtaining consent from the users. Any user browsing the site generally is not required to disclose his identity or provide any information about him/her, it is only at the time of submission of a query.

  6. You agree that Aashi Realty may use personal information about you to improve its marketing and promotional efforts, to analyze site usage, improve the Site's content and product offerings, and customise the Site's content, layout, and services. These uses improve the Site and better tailor it to meet your needs so as to provide you with a smooth, efficient,safe and customised experience while using the Site.

  7. You agree that Aashi Realty may use your personal information to contact you and deliver information to you that, in some cases, are targeted to your interests, such as targeted banner advertisements, administrative notices, product offerings, and communications relevant to your use of the Site. By accepting the User Agreement and Privacy Policy, you expressly agree to receive this information. If you do not wish to receive these communications, we encourage you to opt out of the receipt of certain communications in your profile. You may make changes to your profile at any time. It is the belief of Aashi Realty that privacy of a person can be best guaranteed by working in conjunction with the Law enforcement authorities.

  8. All Aashi Realty websites including Aashi Realty fully comply with all Indian Laws applicable. Aashi Realty has always cooperated with all law enforcement inquires. Aashi Realty may disclose all or part of your personal details in response to a request from the law enforcement authorities or in a case of bonafide requirement to prevent an imminent breach of the law